It feels like November is flying by… Here are some reminders;


We are still accepting new registrations… class size is capped at 8, a new class will be added to the schedule if there are more than 8 kids in one class. Students are encouraged to try out other classes. We are offering Mini Jazz this year for ages 6 – 8, Thursdays at 5:45pm.

Coming Dec 3…. EAST COAST DANCE WORKSHOP with Danielle LeBlanc. There will be 2 workshops on the same day, one for kids and one for adults. This event is FREE!! You can find more info at I am super excited for this workshop, I can’t wait to learn how to play the spoons! 😀

FLAMENCO & BASIC SALSA will be adding an evening class! Thursdays at 6:30pm. This is a super fun class 🙂  I hear Valentina speaks Spanish half the time when she’s teaching, so it’s like 2 lessons in 1, you get to learn to dance and speak Spanish!!


ADULT JAZZ  Monday nights at 8pm with Ms.Kyra!  Is there such thing as too much fun?

This class is right after Adult Ballet. You can use your BDS Dance Card or pay drop in rate per class. We accept all levels. Join us for a trial class 🙂

Jazz shoes available at Mara’s, 2189 queen street.



Oh and we’re on instagram.