Dear Parents and Students,

BDS will be having its 2nd Dance Recital at St.Aidan’s Church this year on June 23 at Saturday at 2pm. Please mark your calendar for this special event :)

Here are some important notes:

* Students will have to arrive 1 hour prior to recital time.
* There is no numbered seating, please tell your guests to arrive a little early.
* The recital will take about 1 hour.
* Please Do Not take any pictures during the recital. Dangerous and distracting for the dancers.
* Please stay after the recital, we will be handing out Certificates on stage.
Early Bird Registration will also be on this day for our Fall program (there will be a discount).
* In June I will be handing out Report Cards, which will have placement information for next year.
* You may also register for Summer Dance School on this day (July and August, half day camps)
* Ticket order forms will be ready for pick up on May 9.
* There will be a PRIZE for the family that sells the most tickets!
* We will have a professional Videographer filming the recital this year, I will hand out information about DVD order forms and fees mid May.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
I will be handing out information regarding Summer Dance School in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for your continuing support and understanding.
I am very excited for this year’s recital… We have added some surprise dances.
S. Ozler